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We have been unable to recover all our old site. Many thanks are due to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, for the fact we can recover any at all!!

We present some of the content that was on our old front page. Some of these stories have been reposted in full , in our Archive section.

Forced to Flee: Pigment, paintbrushes, and irrepressible hope


“Refugee youth who participate in visual storytelling workshops quickly realize that they aren’t simply victims. They are survivors and witnesses whose life stories deserve—and need—to be heard,” says Erika Berg about the Forced to Flee project that she began in 2011 and now hopes to turn into a book.

Interview with Aung Zaw, editor of The Irrawaddy


“Lives in Burma remain unchanged — my friends, colleagues, and those living in the countryside are still living in the same conditions. I think the Western ambassadors and aid agencies are fooling themselves in a very disgusting way.”

Migrants in Thailand remain uneasy about return to Burma


A recent study conducted in Chiang Mai, Thailand, offers insights into the opinions of young migrants from Burma on the evolving situation in their country since the democratization process was initiated in 2011, as well as several other issues currently affecting the country…

Confronting the Cobra in Masoeyein Monastery


A veteran Burma researcher shares the frightening and pivotal personal experience that first revealed to him the violence that was being incubated in one of Burma’s largest monasteries as far back as 1998…

The current state of libraries in Burma


The National Library of Myanmar in former capital Rangoon. Impressive exterior, but where are the library patrons? What types of materials are available inside, and what activities happen at the library? A special report by Jim Richardson.

Activist speaks about causes of Kachin conflict & peace


Seng Zin is a Kachin activist and community organizer living in Chiang Mai. She is originally from Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State, and works with the Kachin Women’s Association of Thailand (KWAT). She shares her insights and opinions about the situation in northern Burma.

Upcoming Events Dec 2014
‘Kayan Beauties’ Film Premiere and Discussion
Far from home and all that is familiar, a group of young Kayan women seek to rescue a friend who has been abducted by human traffickers. Thailand premiere of this award-winning drama from Burma.
Where: Documentary Arts Asia, Chiang Mai
Time: 7 p.m.
Entrance: 80 baht
early 2015
‘Forced To Flee: Visual Stories by Refugee Youth from Burma’
A presentation of the powerful and absorbing new book of artwork by young people from Burma forced to resettle around the world. Features several pieces created by students at Burma Study Center.
Where: Burma Study Center, Chiang Mai
Time: 7 p.m.
Entrance: free

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