Community Activities Program

The transformative power of community-building activities in the lives of our young migrant students is something we regularly witness at Burma Study Center. The majority of those we serve were compelled to leave behind their home communities, families, and friends as teenagers to seek peace and economic opportunity in Thailand. They often arrive with extremely limited social connections and resources, which is why we have developed our comprehensive Community Activities Program designed to foster a strong sense of camaraderie and togetherness among our students.

Each term, we organize a range of extra-curricular activities on-site at BSC and at various locations around Chiang Mai. These activities encompass a wide range of enriching events, such as cooking traditional food, embarking on field trips, enjoying and learning about our natural surroundings, and workshops on topics such as reproductive health, migrant workers’ rights, gender equity, and pathways to higher education.

Beyond simply fostering fun and appreciation of cultures and nature, our Community Activities Program serves as a platform for students to form lasting, supportive friendships. We believe that strong connections and a sense of belonging contribute not only to a positive and supportive learning environment, but also to healthier communities and increased quality-of-life for all.

At BSC, we strive to create an inclusive and safe family-like atmosphere in which all students experience being welcomed, valued, respected, and cared for no matter their backgrounds or present circumstances. The friendships formed during our classes and activities often extend beyond the walls of our institution, transforming those involved with BSC into members of a ‘forever family’.

By providing ample opportunities for social interaction, cultural exchange, and mutual support, we empower our students to thrive not only academically but also personally. We believe that the bonds created through shared experiences enrich the overall educational journey, making it a valuable and transformative chapter in their lives.

Examples of past BSC community activities include:

• Burmese, Shan, and northern Thai cooking and culture nights

• field trips to Chiang Mai Zoo, Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, Mae Hong Son flower festival, Doi Kham Royal Project, and more

• hiking and picnic trips at Ob Khan National Park, Wat Pa Lad (Monk’s Trail), and Huay Tueng Tao

• overnight camping trips at Chiang Dao Youth Camp, Wiang Haeng, and Doi Pui

• clothing and blanket donation drive for residents of Koung Jor Shan Refugee Camp

• workshops on topics including safer sex and reproductive health, soft skills, mindfulness meditation, public health, food safety, and more

• informational workshops facilitated by partner organizations including Shan Women’s Action Network (SWAN), MAP Foundation, BEAM Education Foundation, SEED Learning Center, Ban Dek Foundation, and more