BSC library shelves

Since welcoming its first members in 2010, Burma Study Center has maintained one of the largest public, English-language collection of books, reports, periodicals, and films about Burma in Thailand. It has become a valuable community resource through its partnerships with a number of universities, media groups, and organizations. Members have conducted and published research, participated in academic events and community forums, and led numerous campaigns advocating for genuine political reform and respect for the human rights of people of all ethnicities and religions in Burma.

To be able to borrow from our library collection, you must first become library member. Please make an appointment to visit the library in person to become a member.

We continue to develop our collection of books and media in order to be a useful resource for the community. The library is always seeking donations of books and other publications about Burma in English and Thai, as well as materials in Burmese, Shan, Karen, Kachin, and other ethnic languages. We also welcome monetary donations to help with library maintenance and the purchase of new resources.

Librarians at Burma Study Center are often asked to recommend resources on certain topics or issues. We present a brochure here, highlighting what we feel are some of the most interesting, useful, and engaging Burma-related books, films, and websites. All of the books and films featured in the brochure are available on loan to our members at the Chiang Mai Burma Study Center.
Together, we will be able to further the goal of using our privileges and resources to resist repression and support those struggling for freedom in Burma.