Ying Mo Kham

Ying Mo Kham photo Burma Study Center not only teaches English to migrants from Myanmar -- we also provide scholarships to students who are motivated to take their education to the next level!

BSC currently supports two of our former students at university with full scholarships. In addition, we also provide scholarships for several students who are interested in studying other courses or extra-curricular programs.

Ying Mo Kham is a 22 year-old student from Taunggyi, Shan State. She arrived in Chiang Mai before she was able to complete high school in Myanmar. "Due to the size of my family, I was forced to start working at a very young age," she said. "I couldn't finish high school because I have four younger brothers and my family had a financial difficulty to support my education."

Besides working full-time at a local coffee shop, she began studying English at BSC five nights a week over a year ago. Last year we learned that she's also interested to study Chinese.

"Learning some English at BSC has helped me a lot already, but I know Chinese is also very important for my future dream of having my own small business in southern Shan State," she explained. "If I can speak both languages well, I know I can have a very successful future!"

Although BSC does not offer Chinese classes, Ying Mo Kham found a nearby school that does: Sirithape Foreign Language School in Chiang Mai. With a scholarship from BSC, she was able to start studying her first formal Chinese language course in January of this year and recently began her second course. She hopes to complete a total of five courses, which will prepare her to take the standardized Chinese Proficiency Test HSK 1-3.

"After I finish these 5 courses, I plan to keep studying until I can pass the HSK 4-6 exam. After that, I hope to continue on to study more about business before I return to Myanmar," Ying Mo Kham said. "I know education and knowledge will help me improve my life by making more opportunities possible. I am very thankful to BSC for helping me so much, not only with English, but also Chinese!"